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شاليه 3 غرف نوم للبيع فى مارينا الساحل الشمالى

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رقم الإعلان: MA 18968
2,150,000 جنيه مصرى
Tarek Osman

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Osman Group
شاليهات / للبيع
نوع المصيف:
2,150,000 جنيه مصرى نقدا
السعر/ للمتر المربع:
4,300 جنيه مصرى للمتر المربع
حالة التشطيب:
سوبر لوكس
500 مترمربع
رقم الطابق:
الدور الأرضى
عدد الغرف:
عدد دورات المياه:
آخر تحديث:
Sun 10 Sep 2017

Chalet for sale2.3 million with the furniture and appliances or 2.15 million without any furniture or appliances.

The chalet is 3 master bedrooms (3 bedrooms with 3 big bathrooms) and 2 gardens and a 50 square meter terrace with a pergola that is fully furnished (see video). The chalet is on a piece of land that is 10 meters wide and 50 meters long so the land that the chalet is built on is 500 square meters.

The first photo below is the view of bo7era gate 7 from the terrace of my neighbour upstairs. I can't see el bo7era because I am a ground floor but this shows how close we are from el bo7era which is a walking distance.

The second photo is from my front garden and shows water sports (a parachute) that shows how close el bo7era is from the chalet.


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